Lunch: Mon-Fri 11:30 AM-2:30 PM
*Final seating (kitchen closes) = 15 minutes before closing time. 
*Miso soups are not included for takeaway orders but can be ordered separately.

Bento Box 10.95
choice of two items. comes included with salad and rice. 

California Roll 6 pcs
Gyoza fried dumplings  
Chicken Teriyaki
Salmon Teriyaki 
Tempura shrimp and vegetables 
Ton Katsu pork cutlet 
Saba Shioyaki broiled mackerel 
Spicy Tuna Roll (+$1.00 extra charge) 6 pcs 
Tuna Sashimi (+$1.00 extra charge) 4 pcs 
Beef Teriyaki (+$2.00 extra charge) 

Single Item Lunch 
comes included with rice.
                                Tempura shrimp and vegetables 7.95
Saba Shioyaki 9.95
Chicken Teriyaki 7.95
Salmon Teriyaki 9.95

Sushi Box Lunch California Roll, 2 pc nigiri, spicy tuna hand roll 12.95
Deluxe Sushi Lunch California Roll, 5 pc nigiri 13.95
Sushi Combo Lunch 18.95
5 pcs nigiri (tuna, salmon hamachi, tai, ebi), 
Sashimi (chef's choice), California Roll 

Dinner: Mon-Sat 4:30 PM-9:30 PM
Sunday - CLOSED
*Final seating (kitchen closes) = 15 minutes before closing time. Miso soups are not included for takeaway orders but can be ordered separately.

Combination Dinner 
*beef = ribeye

California Roll and Beef Teriyaki 15.99
California Roll and Chicken Teriyaki 13.99
California Roll and Salmon Teriyaki 13.99
Sashimi and Beef Teriyaki 15.99
 Sashimi and Chicken Teriyaki 13.99
Sashimi and Salmon Teriyaki 13.99
Sashimi and Tempura 14.99
 Tempura and Beef Teriyaki 16.99
Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki 14.99
Tempura and Salmon Teriyaki 14.99
Chicken Teriyaki and Beef Teriyaki 16.99

Teriyaki salad and rice included 
*beef = ribeye

Beef Teriyaki 16.99
Chicken Teriyaki 12.99
Salmon Teriyaki 13.99
Saba Shioyaki broiled mackerel 12.99

Tempura rice included 
Combination Tempura 4 shrimps and vegetables 14.99
Shrimp Tempura 6 shrimps 13.99

Vegetable Tempura 10.99

Katsu salad and rice included 
Ton Katsu breaded pork cutlet with sauce 13.99
Chicken Katsu breaded chicken cutlet with sauce 13.99

Sukiyaki rice included 
(your choice of meat, tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, and yam noodles, cooked in sweet sukiyaki broth)
Beef Sukiyaki 13.99
Chicken Sukiyaki  12.99

Noodle soup with vegetables 

Chicken Udon 10.99
Nabeyaki Udon shrimp tempura 11.99
Niku Udon beef 11.99
Tempura Udon udon & plate of tempura 14.99

Vegetable Udon 10.99

)Napa cabbage, onions, mushrooms, egg, and your choice of meat cooked over steamed rice)
Beef Donburi 12.99
Chicken Donburi 11.99
Sukiyaki Donburi cooked sukiyaki with egg over rice 13.99
Ton Katsu Donburi deep fried pork cooked with egg over rice 14.99
Chicken Katsu Donburi deep fried chicken cooked with egg over rice 14.99